Painting in Bergün Switzerland December 2011

Adventures of a travelling plein air painter.

I have been painting the past month of December and the beginning of the new year in Bergün Switzerland. The start of an unplanned, where the wind will take me, new journey like a Journeyman/woman. Its been a wonderful time painting in the snowy alps. I got to see how much snow can fall in a few weeks, from barely nothing to “oh my gosh please stop! !” 😉


Painting between Bergün and Latsch

I met many new interesting people on this journey so far, doctors, film directors, artists and have been welcomed into their homes. There are so many beautiful old homes in Bergün and I have had the luck to see in a few. Some people I’ve met on my journey invited me to take part in their Christmas and New years traditions, others for dinner and even a few a spare room whilst on my journey! I feel blessed and richer to have met so many wonderful, generous people! One family after just meeting me even gave me a family heirloom, an old hand sewn/hand-woven traditional workers outfit, a Bergüner arbeit Tracht! Once belonging to their mother/grandmother. Such a wonderful gift and one I wear with love and pride! Thank you again! I feel like I walked out of a Segantini painting while wearing it! :o)

There will be videos posted from my adventures as well at some point on my Youtube channel when I get around to watching and uploading them 😉

If anyone reading this has any pictures they took of me then send them my way! I’d love to see and possibly post them 🙂

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  • Dad and I loved all the pictures! We both wish that we were there too. You lucky girl! ;o))

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