I’m going to be the cover girl of Transhelvetica Magazine!

I’m going to be the cover girl of Transhelvetica Magazine!

One day while I was painting in Bergün I received a call from my friend Nico Shearer who is an excellent photographer and has photographed me on other occasions. He asked me if I would be interested in being photographed for the cover of a Swiss travel magazine, of course I said yes! I spoke with Jon Bollmann, the founder of the magazine a few times before the shoot about what his inspiration was for the cover. He ended up being quite a funny and interesting guy! I was looking forward to meeting him and spending a few days with the both of them up in a lovely mountain hut in Grindelwald where we were doing the shoot.  So a week later I made the long trip from Bergün to Grindelwald, around 6h. It’s been several years since I last was in Grindelwald always wanted to go up to there in the winter, now I have the chance! The alp hut Yeti renovated is absolutely gorgeous! It has only fire to cook and heat with and is such a wonderful romantic getaway. When you are up at the alp hut you have only a view of the alps around you, you can’t see any other houses! It is also quite sheltered and one day I was so warm I was out painting shirtless, but still wearing snowshoes on about 1/2m snow!!

The photo shoot was awesome and I had a wonderful time up in Grindelwald. Thank you Nico & Jon, you guys are great! In the end I ended up staying in the area for another month painting! I look forward to the next time I get a chance to go back up to Yeti’s alp hut and visit the friends I made there. )))hugs((( for Yeti, Barbara and Ernesto, I’m going to miss you all. Maybe next time I’ll have the energy to paint while sitting in the hot tub! 😉



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Nico Schärer and I are trying to figure out if we are in the right spot.. the road looks more like a foot path!