Kandersteg Belle Époque event 2012 or was it 1912?

I really enjoyed the Belle Epoque event and might try to go back next year and stay there the whole week painting.. maybe even have a show.. we’ll see!

Kandersteg Belle Epoque event January 2012.. or was it 1912? I went with Yeti, Barbara and Ernesto, friends I made through the Transhelvetica photo shoot in Grindelwald. Barbara is the first person I’ve met other then I that wears Tracht (traditional style clothes) on a regular basis!

Kandersteg, Belle Epoch
Ernesto and I.. a picture found on a Slovenian website

Slovenian Website photos.


A youtube video of our adventure:

A second video but slightly different here


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Peter Schutz, Yeti, Barbara

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  • Chantelle, I been spending some time with your Mom. We’ve been friends since before you were born. In fact, you were at my wedding when you were small enough to fit in a basket. I’ve had a chance to see some of your incredible work and photos in the album your Mom carries with her. She also gave me you card. You are incredibly talented. I’d love to see more of your work. I also love the gallery about the frame. How inspiring! Brenda.

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