Here are some photos sent to me by people who photographed me on the street and also kudos and comments.

Please feel free to leave comments here and if we met while I was out and about or out painting please send me the photos you took of me to . I’m always happy to see the photos and possibly post them here!

I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

photos by Masato Yano in Bergün
photo by Masato Yano in Bergün

“Den Blick aus dem Fenster des Hotel Piz Ela auf die geheimnisvolle Malerin Chantelle werde ich nicht so schnell vergessen.”  C.M.

“Als ich Dich gesehen habe, erinnerte ich mich Bilder  von Holländischem Maler Vermeer.  Ich habe Deine Webseite  gesehen und sehr beeindruckt.  (Ich erinnerte einige grosse Maler, wie Hodler, Segantini, Modigliani oder ein Mischung davon)”  M.Y.

3 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Kristin Kinzie (formerly Campbell) says:

    Beautiful work, as always, Chantelle. I’m amazed to see the transition from Moira Murals to all this!!!!!

  2. Madeleine says:

    I am absolutly in love with you

  3. Julia Zander says:

    I love your work!

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