Kandersteg Belle Epoque week:

January 2015

I attend every year for the past 4 years a Belle Epoque event in the Swiss alps, this time I was on German TV, other years I was featured in magazines. You can watch some of the events in German on this link:



Promotional video for a luxury Swiss alp cabin:

February 2012

A short video I was in. It was a great weekend making this video! We had enough material to make a short movie if we wanted to! I love it up there!!


Faulhorn-Bussalp-Grindelwald, the longest toboggan run in Europe:

February 2012

We took the gondola up the mountain and then there is a long walk to the starting point of the toboggan run. It took us 2h to walk up and 1h to slide down! I wish my camera had not died right in the first 5 min going down..

The run is 15 kilometers long with a vertical drop of 1,600 meters. With the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau for a backdrop, the setting is spectacular, too!

My legs were soooo bruised after the bumpy run!


Painting adventure in Davos and Bergün, December 2011:

Painted the sunrise on my balcony at Hotel Schatzalp after the vernissage from our show we had up there. The first morning that marked the start of the winter ski season. The rest of the video is taken in Bergün on my painting adventures. Christmas festivities singing around a Christmas tree with candles. A little tour of one of the houses I stayed at on my adventures.
Where will my next adventure be? 🙂


Kandersteg Switzerland January 1912 or was it 2012? Belle Époque:

Preda – Bergün tobogganing in Switzerland:

Preda – Bergün tobogganing on the opening weekend of the winter season December 2011

6 kilometers to Bergün after dropping 400 metres in altitude… it was not all that fast.. I think I was 11km/h on the camera.. too much fresh snow to go faster.. but it was still a lot of fun going with my friends.

Painting in Schlans 1st of August 2011 Switzerland:

Wonderful 1st of August celebration high up on the mountain with my new friends..the farm has no electricity..I’m sleeping in the barn.

Painting adventures in the alps… also hiking up with Antonia the cow farmer to check on her 180 cows and calf’s.. the farm is around 1800m high and the cows are up higher on the mountain. After that we had our 1st of August celebrations with yummy food (including wild mushrooms I found on my way down after checking on the cows) also our friend brought out his alp horn for a little performance… I tried to play after him and so did my friend Daniel. There was amazing views that night of big bonfires all down the valley and up the mountains and fireworks going off everywhere.. I could not imagine a better 1st of August celebration. (Swiss national holiday) :o)

Mountain lady:

You never know what your day will start like… I left my room and randomly met this lady living next door who invited me into her ummm interesting dirty room for a bit of music… a bit of a time warp… July 2011